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Michael Zilkha

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Lucas Wittman


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ZE Books creates literary mix-tapes from visionary writers, artists and musicians. Bridging the personal and public, each book is a life told through writing, art and photography. Each edition of ZE Books brings together in one place the work of a writer who has some relationship with visual culture.

What is a literary mix-tape? Simply put: it is the visual equivalent of a playlist. Instead of an assortment of songs organized around a theme, or mood, our books are collections of works centering on artistic individuals whose works bridge visual and written formats. We don’t attempt to flatten our artists into one note or blunt their jagged edges, or even resolve their conflicts of nature. Interest and creativity thrive within a certain amount of flux, not stasis, and so does our thinking.

ZE Books is distributed by Publishers Group West.

Our books are available online and in stores wherever fine books are sold, though the ZE Subscription is sold exclusively through our website. For purchases outside of the U.S. please contact us directly.

For more information, or to request a review copy, contact: info @ zebooks DOT com

We are not currently accepting submissions.