ZE Subscription #1 : Intelligence for Dummies and Stay

ZE Subscription #1 : Intelligence for Dummies and Stay


Including editions 001 and 002 of ZE Books, season one features Glenn O’Brien’s Intelligence for Dummies and Nick Flynn’s Stay, at a discount of 20%.

The ZE Books portrait series is a demonstration of the interplay between influences and the evolution of a creative life. Though our featured individuals are unique, they are connected by this inquiry around what the creative life asks for and what it provides.

Literary mix-tapes capture the conversation between the visual and the written works of creative individuals and their collaborators.  Our subjects are fascinating, their visions are challenging and thoughtful. Elegantly showcased by WITH Projects design, we view each of our books as a piece of art: unrepeatable, inspiring, and worthy of collection—which is why we’ve created the option to subscribe to the series.

For orders outside of the U.S. please contact us directly at: info @ zebooks dot com

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