Stay - Nick Flynn

Stay - Nick Flynn


Known for his bestselling memoirs and as an acclaimed poet, Nick Flynn in Stay presents a self-portrait via a constellation of topics that the author has circled—or have circled him—in his work: suicide, homelessness, addiction, political engagement, artistic friendships.

Stay brings together nearly thirty years of work (poetry, memoir, essays, interviews, plays, film), in a mixed-media retrospective that shows nothing is created in isolation. Threads in the artist’s life are presented alongside many of the artistic collaborations that have led to—or come out of—his own work, including a selection of images from an ongoing daily collage practice, which Flynn considers a type of meditation. Like Flynn’s life, Stay is populated by examples of his collaborations with artists he has worked with since the 1980s: Amy Arbus, John Baldessari, Guy Barash, William Blake, Robert De Niro (performance), Marilyn Minter (photograph), Josh Neufeld (comic art), Catherine Opie (photograph), Sarah Sentilles (drone alert sutras), Bill Shuck (installation), Paul Weitz (film). A full color, hardcover edition, Stay is a wide-ranging and personal journey through the public and private spaces of an artist at the peak of his powers.

Praise for the book:

“Stay may be our best glimpse yet into the remarkable mind of Nick Flynn. His is part polymath's mind teeming with sights and insights; part scrap-booker’s mind preserving and arranging memory; his is first and foremost a poet's mind animated by feeling and song. Playful and pensive, lucid and strange, Stay is a compendium of energies and intimacies. Flynn’s inventiveness is as tireless as his heart. “
—Terrance Hayes

“If Nick Flynn’s Stay is a self-portrait, it is a self-portrait of our planet, of our contemporary consciousness in an undeniably wounded era. I think of it as an artist’s notebook, a prayer book, a monumental compendium of what it means to stay alive.”
—Mary Ruefle

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